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See what other people are saying about our Indian Springs apartments! At Indian Springs Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I lived here from 1999 to 2002. I don't know how they are like now, but I liked living there a lot back then. Became disgruntled with steadily rising rent and other forms of price hikes (paying 'collective' water bill) though.


I've not had to interact with the staff much as I pay my rent online but when I've had to call for maintenance issues I get a response within 24 to 48 hrs. My only issue has been with those who leave their trash outside the door for 2+ days - this has been addressed and I'm happy thus far.



The staff here are so nice. They have taken care of most of my problems. There is one other issue but they are actively working on it. Just renewed my lease also.


Super clean and bug free property. I've lived here almost 4 years and I've literally never seen a spider in my house. * Knock on wood* The staff here are friendly and professional. Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves besides saying hello when you walk by your neighbors. You would think Mesa is loud and kind of ghetto but it's actually really quiet around here. I'm on the inner part of the complex so I don't hear any traffic. The only thing I don't like is that some of the appliances are really old. They work, but they are old. The amenities are definitely awesome though. Brand new pools, gym, dog park, gas grills, computer room, TV lounge area. And pet friendly!




I've been here for a year. I was with the old Management. Craig and Anna were amazing and went above and beyond to help me. I had an emergency utility situation and maintenance came at 11pm to fix it. The guys were awesome, did a great job, and very personable. New management came and I must say, they're not as personable as the old team. However, I had the pleasure of working with Max at the end of my lease term and he is by far, a great asset to the new team. He was approachable, very nice and professional, and still able to laugh with you, like the old team members. I hope Indian Springs gets more team members like him sometime in the future. Any issues I've had, it's usually been because of the people, not the actual apartment complex. Ppl are just dirty, constantly leaving the laundry rooms dirty, leaving trashbags outside of the dumpsters, or hanging iutside intoxicated and being loudly obnoxious at night when office staff leave. I have seen multiple grounds ppl though constantly cleaning the laundry rooms, doing their best to maintain the dumpsters and working with some pretty unreasonable residents. Usually the biggest complainers are the worst offenders. The parking is a big issue (they definitely need more space to park) but the amenities are great. You do have to pay for a gym key, which I don't mind because it helps keep the gym from getting tore up. I would walk in and see older kids hanging out to watch TV in the spin room...they did walk out though when they saw me walk in for a workout. The pools are great as are the grills and tables. I had an issue with bugs when I got my first apt and after speaking with Craig and Anna, they worked to move me to a new unit, didn't have any issues in the new one whatsoever. The apt complex can spray and spray, but if you're just a dirty person who likes living with roaches, they're always gonna be in your place and going into nearby units. Terrible truth about neighbors. So, all in all, Indian Springs is NOT as terrible as these other ppl make it to be. Some ppl are just douchy to have in your apt complex. The old team was great and didn't put up with nonsense. New team is not quite as friendly or approable, with the exception of Max, who is great! Amenities are the best I've had in an apt complex and the price wasn't too bad either for the 2b/2b I had.


i have lived here for 3 years gone threw many different managements and theirs a new management that just bought the place. i have a had a bit of trouble with roaches but not more than to be expected since i leave out food and i haven't had an issue after the apartment bug bombed the place haven't even seen one for about 6 months. i smell yerin from the next-door neighbors dog peeing on the balcony but thats not the companies falt they provide the tenets with a dog park and i dont see the neighbors taking there dog there. theres a gym pool basket ball court. the place outside is cleanly kept i have never been robbed here my spot is ALMOST never taken by cars they fix things in a timely maner nice people up front


After finally getting ahold of someone, they've been super helpful getting everything situated :)

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